Smoking Cabin


Watch our video below for a sneak peek about the features of our smoking cabins.




Inside The Smoking Cabin

Fireproof Ash Bin

The two tall Ash Bins can hold 3,500 cigarette butts, this reduces the need to empty daily.

The Ash Bins have no Oxygen in it. It has Carbon Dioxide, a dense gas, which does not escape easily from the bin. So when you drop your lighted cigarette butt in, it extinguishes itself on the way down. Hence, there is no fire hazard.

Fireproof ashtray tested and certified by DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

Air Cooling

The air in the cabin regulated and aims to maintain a temperature of 25 to 27 deg C. To save power, the air conditioner is turned off between 10pm and 6am.

Motion Sensors

The Air Filter is activated by a Motion Sensor. When a user leaves the cabin, the Air Filter continues to filter the cabin air for a further 15mins before deactivating. This saves electricity and ensures air quality.
Efficient LED lighting is also activated by Motion Sensors and turn off after 10mins.

Ventilator Fan &
Air Filters

A Ventilator Fan expels filtered air outside of the cabin. This creates a reduced pressure in the cabin and ensures smoke leaks are minimised. This also draws in fresh air through the main door. This Ventilator Fan is activated in tandem with the Air Filter, so when the Air Filter is not activated, filtered air which is already chilled remains in the cabin. This saves power and is more efficient in keeping the space cool.

The Air Filter is developed in Denmark, obtained the DGUV Test Certificate, certified by IFA. It has 3 layers of filters, which filter at 99.95% efficiency.

Wish There Was A Smoking Cabin Installed Where You Live Or Work?

Tell us more about just ONE building you wish was free from secondhand smoke – and we’ll reach out to them on your behalf to make it a reality. (It could be your condo, your office building, your favourite mall, or even an existing smoking room that could use our filtration system!)
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