We need your HELP to take the first step!

Together, we can create socially responsible smoking places all over the country – with basic comfort, fast filtration rates and stylish designs.

Wish There Was A Smoking Cabin Installed Where You Live Or Work?

WHY suffer from passive smoking here when there are countries that have already solved this problem?

 We have spoken to regulators and government agencies – but the decision lies ultimately with property management of our malls, office buildings, condos, and so on. 
We’re just one small company trying to create a culture of responsible smoking here in Singapore. We’ve acquired sole distributions rights to this clean & effective technology, and we’re ready to present it to the right decision-makers.
Type in below just ONE building you wish was free from secondhand smoke – and we’ll reach out to them on your behalf to make it a reality.
(It could be your condo, your office building, your favourite mall, or even an existing smoking room that could use our filtration system!)

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Think of the children! See how the Smoking Cabin helps families. (70,000 views)

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