Remove Covid-charged Micro Droplets from the Air

Prevent getting reported as a "Cluster".

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A Ceiling Mounted Solution

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  • Takes up no floor space
  • Effective distribution of purified air
  • Better circulation of air
  • Covers a wider floor area
  • Takes in air without restriction

Double The Power For Only 40% More On Price

The BLUE LINE 2 is a double unit and has the filtration capability of two units of BLUE LINE 1, but costs no more than 40% more.

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What are the Filters in MicrobeFree Global?

Features a disposable HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air).

Microbefree Global Filter Layers

How Does It Work?

Pre Filter removes large dust particles

Pre Filter Blue Line
Removes larger dust particles

VisionAir Blue Line - Filter HM square

HEPA Filter
Traps fine particles as small as 0.1μm

VisionAir Blue Line - After filter AC1 square

Activated Carbon Filter
Carbon filters to remove general odours / gases.

VisionAir Blue Line - Silver Ion filter square a

Silver Ion filter
Silver ion emitted from this filters kills bacteria and controls growth of other microbes 1 2

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UV-C Light
The radiation warps the DNA of viruses such as COVID-19 so it is no longer able to replicate itself. 1 2

You Decide The Schedule of Operations

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Programmable to operate in the day and/or night.
Quiet operations in the day, and thorough cleaning at night.
Or vice versa.

Scents Of The Waterfall In Your Office

Freebreeze are optional scent cartridges to give your air a fresh fragrance, giving your customers a better experience.
Available in 6 fragrances: Arctic Pine, Waterfall, Menthol, Azure, Sable, Floramber

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Research Center Reports

Recent independent research by TNO and the reputable Finnish VTT has shown that the VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree cleans the COVID-19 virus from the air with high efficiency!

TNO report page

The translated report is available on request.

TNO, the Netherland Organisation for Applied Scientific Research tested the Euromate ceiling mounted HM air filter and concluded that it is able to capture the aerosols (micro droplets) that can contain the SARs-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other viruses.

This report is signed off by the Department of Microbiology and Systems Biology.


The translated report is available on request.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland analysed the output of the VisionAir Blue Line 1 & 2 HEPA filters with an optical analyser which can detect 0.1μm particles .

The results show a filtration capability for particles of 0.09μm at 99.95%/

This report is signed by the research engineer in May 2018.

Where Can The VisionAir BlueLine Be Used At?

The Euromate VisionAir Blue Line series can be and have been used in retail and commercial spaces, in offices, childcare centers, hospitals and clinics.

Click logo to download the testimonial. More references are available on request.

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Ricoh deployed the VisionAir Blue Line in the office environment for staff welfare.

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This nursing home uses the Blue Line to manage an odour problem to create a dignified space to live in.


Belle Fleur is a Child Care Center at Netherlands. Keeping the air clean means less exposure to airborne virus and bacteria, keeping the children safe.

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M.A. Wiewel is a Dentistry practise. The VisionAir Blue Line is installed in the clinic rooms.

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The Blue Line is an excellent dust, smoke and odour management solution. It makes the space pleasant for visitors.

The "Open-Window" Solution For Your Office or Commercial Space

Click the above video to understand how it works.

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